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to the President of the European Parliament

to ask Cyprus to comply with the decision of the EP  in petition 1156/2013

The Petition 1156/201 is about two young children that have been abducted from their residence in Cyprus in 2010 and taken in a third state the United Arab Emirates, where they live since then. Any direct contact between the father (the petitioner) and the children has been interrupted since then.

At the hearing of the petition on11 November 2014, it was decided that the children must return to their place of residence they had before the abduction. On 26 of January 2015 a letter was sent to the minister of Justice of Cyprus, to ask to reconsider to re-open the criminal investigation for child abduction and re-issue the international arrest warrant against the mother, as an effective instrument for bringing the children back.  

The secretary of the PETI, in March and April 2015, has made follow up calls, in but until today there no reply by the authorities of Cyprus.


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